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Early Intervention program : APAWMR initiated a pioneering programme in April 1987. This was introduced with a conviction that Early Detection and Early Intervention form the basis of enabling an infant at –risk to attain normal development by providing Early Stimulation in six areas of development namely Motor, Socialization, self-care, Cognitive, Speech, and Language. It involves training and counseling parents especially mothers, how to impart infant developmental skill in the above six areas over a period of time. The skills are grouped age-wise, beginning with those below one year till six years of age. This programme was first initiated in Portage, Wisconsin in USA and we have adopted it to suit our conditions.

Training Programs

The Programme of training of our Home Visitors / Developmental Assistants is short-term (10 weeks) and intensive. It has theory classes and practical demonstrations. It is done in Telugu and Hindi which are best understood by our Home Visitors / Developmental Assistants.